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New Cable System to be Implemented by Qtel will Make Qatar one of the Best Connected Countries in the World

Qatar : 04 May 2010

A new Gulf Bridge International cable system is being planned for Qatar. This new system will be implemented by Qtel and it is being predicted that this innovative new system will be fully operational by 2011 according to a recent statement by the company.

Qtel has just signed this agreement with Gulf Bridge International which is the Gulf Regions first private sector submarine cable operator to provide such a landing station to a country. The new agreement will now allow for Qtel to connect with all the countries in the Gulf Region as well as those in Asia and Europe. It is predicted that this new system will secure the regions international connectivity and will avoid the fear of a further disruption such as the recent redeployment of services due to the Sea-Me-We 4 undersea cable malfunction.

Qtel’s Chief Executive Officer Nasser Marafih has stated that this new system will give the region more security of supply and will allow Qatar to be at the cutting edge of communication technology with the rest of the world. It is also alleviating the need for dependence on other operators or supply routes and will make Qatar second to none in its internet connection capabilities and ensuring future supply stability.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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