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New Board elected for the Middle East Oil Corporation

Middle East : 10 April 2010

A meeting of the Middle East Oil Corporation was held last Thursday which culminated with the election of new Directors. This Corporation is a progressive oil and gas exploration development company based in the Middle East.

The Board of Directors now has three members i.e. Dr. Karim Akrawi, Mr. Miloud Bekkoucha and Mr. Abdulkadir Al-Nakid.

Their credentials have been listed as follows Dr. Karim Akrawi holds a Doctorate PhD in Geo-Statistics and Exploration from London in the UK and a BS Degree from Iraq in Baghdad for Petroleum Geology. Presently he is a Director of Geosciences and also a founder of Geodynamics in Italy. He also has been responsible for more than 180 surveys in Geodynamics which were carried out in numerous oil basins all over the world.

Mr. Abdulkadir Al-Nakib obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree at the world renowned Oxford University in the UK and a second Degree in Geophysics which he studied for at the University of Baghdad in Iraq.

At present he is the CEO for Universal Oil and has had vast experience of the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Mr. Miloud Bekkoucha has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Salford in the UK and he then went on to obtain a Masters degree from the University of Manchester also in the UK. He has worked with ADCO for thirty years and advanced to the position of Senior Reliability Engineer and Senior Optimization Reliability Engineer.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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