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Networking your Way through the Recession

Middle East : 21 March 2010

Whether you are currently seeking work or are afraid that you soon might be then it is definitely time to ask yourself have you considered networking lately? If you have never networked before then this week is a good a time as any to start.

Now that you can no longer hope to leave one job in the morning and have secured another by the end of the day networking is a necessity as opposed to a distinct advantage over other potential employees. These days it is definitely the early bird who is going to catch that juicy worm.

There are some definite no no’s to consider before you master the Networking art. One is assuming you only need to network when unemployed instead remember that networking now can have you a new position secured before this happens.

Before approaching a colleague or potential employer have a clear and concise picture in your head of what job you want and when to ask this person the right questions to get your message across clearly and effectively. Know when to speak and when to let them do the talking.

Try to be forthcoming and cheerful without appearing pushy or annoying. Also make sure this is a job in an area you are generally interested in because if it isn’t this will come across in your demeanor and attitude.

Make sure you dress appropriately, do your homework regarding the dress code of the firm and play it safe in your attire rather than trying anything new.

When you are successful at obtaining a position always be helpful to other people as you never know when you might be in their position again. Lastly enjoy yourself, learn everything you can and it will all seem so much easier.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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