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Municipality Wants Workers Out of Abu Dhabi and in “Labour Cities”

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates : 05 August 2010

Five “labour residential cities” are now in construction and set to hold 300,000 people by the close of 2010.  Abu Dhabi government is urging contractors, maintenance and cleaning crews, as well as other physical labourers, to relocate there.

The steps being taken are designed to make the capital less crowded and improve the “public appearance,” as stated by the Municipality to WAM.

From the perspective of the Municipality the overcrowded housing currently being used poses a health threat to the workers and brings about risk to the stable, comfortable communities nearby.

The statement issued to WAM noted that the high number of labourers in the residential neighbourhoods were considered a nuisance and endangered the cultural society in the UAE.  It went on to say that this mainly happens because the workers are born into differing cultures and are not aware of the cultural makeup of the Abu Dhabi community.

The Municipality feels that this occurrence is a security threat and undermines otherwise stable communities.  They also quote the added burden placed on local services and claim the overcrowding decreases the beauty of public areas.

The labour cities are a combined effort of the Municipality and the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones.  They will contain recreational and civil services, healthcare and clinical facilities, as well as sanitary, retail and sporting clubs.

Abu Dhabi declared that companies with a high percentage of labourers with jobs in Abu Dhabi, would have to produce a list of those employees with proof that they were residing in areas designated by the Municipality.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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