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More Jobs on Blacklist for Oman’s Expats

Oman : 22 September 2010

Oman has barred expats from a longer list of professions in efforts to gradually weaken the reliance on non-resident workers.

The list of jobs in Oman contains more professions that are barred from foreigners in Oman, added to continue the nation’s movement towards a decreasing reliance on foreign workers.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Nassar Al Bakri, the Labour Minister in Oman, has introduced a ban to keep expatriates from holding down employment in certain professions, including automotive spare parts, female beauty salons, motorcycle repair shops and other positions in the central province (wilaya) of Adam.

Other employment positions put on the blacklist apply to a variety of regions and include bread and bakery product sales, cassette sales, sales of spices, spice products and honey.  A ban on owning internet cafes was also issued for expatriates in the province of Bahlaa.

In other areas of the country only citizens can lawfully trade readymade clothing, textiles, footwear, small appliance and perfume.

Similar to the other oil producing nations in the Gulf, Oman has been struggling to create more jobs for citizens and decrease the reliance on expats.  The heavy dependence coupled with a booming population and slower growth in the economy has created unemployment issues, pressuring the effected countries to put nationalization programs into place.

Oman’s population jumped 10.6 per cent in 2009, moving from almost 3.17 million people.  Over 36 per cent of the population is expatriates.

Oman is not a member of Opec and controls production of 850,000 barrels per day of oil and about 4.5 billion in proven deposits of crude.

After Qatar, Oman also has the next largest natural gas plant (liquefied) in the Gulf.  The plant is located in the southern port of Sur and has an annual output capacity of approximately 10 million tonnes.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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