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More Job Opportunities in Oman

Middle East : 30 January 2012

Source: Oman Daily Observer

The private sector in the Sultanate has vast employment opportunities for Omani job-seekers, said Shaikh Abdullah bin Nasser al Bakri, Minister of Manpower, during an annual meeting with the ministry’s department heads at Oman Tourism College. The minister pointed out that the private sector provided jobs for 62,762 citizens out of 104,475 job-seekers employed in different sectors last year.

Al Bakri noted that the private sector witnessed a high rate of resignations among citizens who wished to join the government sector. He urged all those concerned to increase the employment opportunities in the private sector to accommodate more job-seekers in co-ordination with the Manpower Ministry and the Public Authority for Manpower Registry.

The minister hailed the mechanism implemented in Direct Employment Centres as a big success, saying that the units offered an efficient measure in answering the needs of job-seekers.

He stressed that the labour market in the Sultanate is still capable of absorbing large numbers of citizens of different educational backgrounds in its speciality segments. He expressed satisfaction with the private sector’s co-operation in this respect.

Al Bakri also noted that expatriate manpower in the private sector witnessed a remarkable increase last year. He asked for proper measures to regulate the labour market and the recruitment of expatriates in the private sector. He added that the joint sectoral committees for Omanisation now have representatives of the industrial stakeholders to develop general policies for the committees and approve their plans and mechanisms.

He said the Strategic Planning Committees approved a plan to develop inspection and increase the efficiency of occupational health and safety.

In this context, the minister referred to an MoU that the Sultanate signed with the International Labour Organisation last year on safeguarding the interests of all “three parties of production”, which are the government, the employers and the workers.

He affirmed that the social dialogue plays an important role in developing the relationship between employers and employees. Speaking about the efforts of Sanad Programme last year, the minister said that Sanad employed 24,000 Omanis.

At this point, the minister called for the Omanisation of more jobs to offer more opportunities to citizens and to develop methods of self-employment, public awareness and Sanad incubators at technical colleges and vocational training institutes.

He added that Sanad board of director agreed in its last meeting to give licence to recruit of expatriate manpower in the field of sewing, as per the rules and regulations stipulated by the Ministry.

Speaking about technical education, Al Bakri said that 10,500 students who were General Education Diploma holders have been admitted to the colleges of technology.

The ministry continues its efforts to expand the capacity of admission at vocational training centre and fishermen’s centre.

The ministry also updates and expands its technical workshops and fosters relations with the private sector, while at the same time focusing on quality training that meets the actual needs of the labour market, said the minister.

Al Bakri stressed the importance of quality control in technical education and vocational training, as well as private training. He added that the ministry is very keen human resources development and that it keeps upgrading its training plans for all employees.

The meeting was attended by Dr Mohammed Hafeedh al Dhahab, Adviser of the Manpower Ministry, and Dr Muna bint Salim al Jardaniyah, Under-Secretary of the Ministry for Technical Education and Vocational Training, Hamad bin Khamis al Amri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry for Labour Affairs, and advisers at the Manpower Ministry.

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