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Ministry Says One-year Ban For Employees Still Stands

UAE : 05 January 2011

Official notes that renewal fines for delays will be paid by the business and not the employee.

Employees who breach the terms of their contract or are absent from work with no legitimate reasons within the time frame of a fixed-term contract should still expect a one-year ban according to the Labour Ministry.

Al Khaleej ran a recent report stating that although new labour laws allow for sponsorship transfers, any worker who violates their labour contract will still be given a one-year ban.

This statement was given by Abu Dhabi’s Director of Work Permits, Khalil Khouri, in response to a woman who was looking for her ban to be lifted and wanted to see if the changes to the labour laws would benefit her situation.

The woman claimed that the business she was employed at closed in September of 2009 after the employer died, causing the facility’s license to lapse. After a year and more had passed this woman approached the Labour Ministry where she was found in violation of labour law given she had not informed the ministry of the business closure within the required three month period. Within the new laws that period is now shortened to only two months.

At the same time the ministry has now shifted the weight of fines to the business when delays are experienced in labour card renewal. If the company simply does not renew the cards or is found to have delayed, they are responsible for the fines imposed, as opposed to the workers being responsible stated Khalil Khouri.

In a violation that occurred before 2005 the fine sits at Dh 2,000 per card and for those incidences where cards are not renewed between 2005 and last year the fine is set at Dh 5,000.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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