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Ministry of Labour Wishes More Qataris Worked in Private Sector

Qatar : 08 September 2010

More than 58 per cent of positions in the private sector should eventually be held by Qatar nationals, according to the wishes of the Ministry of Labour.

At the Ministry of Labour work is ongoing to guide young Qataris towards becoming more competitive in private sector employment through the Guidance Section at Manpower Administration.

Currently only a very small percentage of positions in the private sector are held by nationals.  The Qatar government is ready to enforce laws requiring private businesses to fill a certain quota of jobs with nationals.

An official at the Ministry reported to local media that many national newcomers to the job market were being drawn to private jobs, altering the trend.  It‘s thought that the nationals are looking at private sector jobs in a new light after a recent law required the private sector to offer Qatari employees the same benefits that are available in the government sector.

These attractive benefits include soft loans allowing employees to purchase land or build a house and retirement allowances.

Also, the Ministry of Labour has collected data over the first six months of 2010 noting that the ministry’s work to raise awareness throughout the industrial sector regarding duties and rights has been successful.

This momentum has concluded with an impressive 220,114 new employment contracts being signed, according to the ministry.

Over this six month span of time the ministry worked with a minimum of 2,200 employees to change careers or profession and assisted 2,350 others to achieve service certification for their employers.

The Ministry congratulated themselves on setting new standards for ensuring employees were paid on time.  A rigid monitoring system keeps track of the employee from the point of having a work visa issued, to the employee’s arrival to the condition of their lodging, rate of pay and schedule of payments.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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