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Middle East lacks Internet Presence Google Module States

Middle East : 16 March 2010

Google’s managing director for the Europe and the Middle East and African region has just claimed that in his opinion the Middle East are far behind in the technology arena.

In the Middle East last year there were a total of just about 3,220 new patents applied for the most were submitted by Jordan and then this was closely followed by Saudi Arabia.

Japan however filed just over 233,000 patents during the same period showing a huge short fall in new innovation in this part of the world.

He also stated that while this region has a population well exceeding 335 million people only approximately 56 million internet users used the Arabic search engines last year. The Google module says that it is only now that this industry will begin to really develop for the region. He says although Google have been present in the Middle East for quite sometime it is only now that its population has an inclination to really embrace the internet.

The big challenge to achieving this he says is to be able to organize information in a user friendly way for the Arabic world in general this was always the largest hurdle that Google as a company need to surpass to have a real presence in the Middle East. He says it became apparent to them early on that there simply wasn’t enough content available in the Arabic language for the process to be really useful in any way.

Everyone he says can help move this process forward by uploading more original Arabic content and allowing the Middle East’s on-line presence to surpass that which we see today.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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