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Middle East Employers Improving Conditions for Migrant Workers

Middle East : 14 April 2010

Just recently the Secretary and Director General for Worker’s Training and Placement has met with the Minister in charge of migrant workers for Indonesia who has recently been visiting countries in the Middle Eastern region in a bid to improve the overall conditions of employment for migrant workers coming from Indonesia.

Already many countries within the region have signed an agreement to endorse new working laws for them as set out in the new memorandum of Understanding which is more commonly known as the MoU. This memorandum gives details of many issues affecting migrant Indonesian workers the most notable being health service entitlements and rules relating to the management of working hours. Saudi Arabia has not yet signed this memorandum as it currently in the process of drafting new government legislation for policies relating to migrant workers most notably for those who are working as domestic helpers.

The Director of Migrant Worker Placement went on to say that nine countries so far have signed this memorandum these being South Korea, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE.

Indonesia is aiming to improve the situation of Migrant workers substantially by securing them their basic rights and improving their overall working conditions in foreign countries.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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