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Mega Projects Being Considered in Bahrain to Stimulate Economy

Bahrain : 31 March 2011

The Bahraini government is getting set to fund some mega-sized development projects as the nation’s Premier Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has given commands to study a series of potential projects.

Gulf Daily News quoted His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa stating that massive projects of development are expected to boost the Bahraini economy.

Those authorities addressed in the Prime Minister’s directive are to put forth a list of suggested schemes including details such as deadlines for completion and total estimated costs.

Prince Khalifa noted that infrastructure and housing should be the number one priority.

The CBB (or Central Bank of Bahrain) has been given instructions to extend more support and help to companies as they are fighting the negative outcome of the recent political unrest.

HRH Prince Khalifa told officials at the CBB to put together additional measures that include Bahraini financial and banking institutions and are aimed at boosting the private sector back into the position of driving the nation’s economy.

He noted that the government is hard at work on the economy, pushing for it to emerge from the repercussions in a strong position. Prince Khalifa then added that this period of time demands coordination between the parties involved to be sure that the policies would result in growth and meet the ambitious goals.

He spoke about trade as well, stating that the tourism sector needs to be re-energized now that the unrest has ended.

The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowment has been told to put in modern measures that will speed along litigation. The role that the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution plays was also stressed.

The Premier also emphasized a directive that cracks down on those public employees that are not following the regulations in place.

Prince Khalifa stated that those working in the public sector should be modeling the commitment these rules and regulations demand, in particular those of timing and consistent attendance.

The Prime Minister gave the security measures credit for an ability to push trade and the national economy back into motion again.

He also spoke sternly about those parties who were breaking the law, sowing a spirit of chaos and essentially pushing the nation to the brink. Prince Khalifa expressed his view that those parties were holding Bahrain hostage.

A policy of zero tolerance against attempts to weaken the national security or Bahrain’s stability is now in place, said the Premier. He noted that the government would not practice silence or tolerance against anything that defames the nation or the Bahraini people.

He was quoted as saying that the government must “eradicate the sick parts,” adding that they “gnaw(ed) at the body” of Bahrain.

Prince Khalifa expressed regret when noting that those who have seen many benefits from Bahrain, in the demand for equal rights and services, can now be seen at the forefront aiming back at the nation that welcomed them and provided those benefits they enjoyed.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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