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Masdar City First Carbon Neutral City in the World

Abu Dhabi : 20 March 2010

Masdar city on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi is going to become the world’s first Carbon neutral and zero waste city a new report claims. It is said to be leading the way for solar energy in the region by constructing an innovative design for a solar power plant that will be the first of its kind anywhere.

This is to come about as it is now evident that the Middle East and the UAE in particular need to drastically increase their power supply in the next five years to be able to secure adequate supplies for the future.

It is predicted that another new initiative will be the creation of PPP’s which will be Public Private Partnerships between the government and private enterprises who will collaborate on new and innovative power creation projects over the next decade. This will also ensure limited costs for both parties as the expenses of the project will be shared and the public sector will also have easier access to private enterprise funding.

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has also suggested privatizing certain projects to help increase electricity supply an example of this new initiative is the Hassyan Power Plant. Other ideas being considered include a new Corporate Social Responsibility initiative where Enterprises will be held accountable for their business practices in relation to Energy and the Environment. This could include measuring electricity usage and higher users will be charged accordingly.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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