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Mars the answer to Middle East Water Supply

Middle East : 03 April 2010

Recently NASA has just stated that a new probe being used to find ice underneath the surface of Mars could now also be used to find new water supplies here and stave off future concerns about possible water shortages in the Middle Eastern region it has been reported.

Satellite imagery in 2007 showed that Mars has enough frozen water supplies to cover the whole of the planet easily and that this same technology could now be deployed in the Middle East’s deserts to track new water supplies. Essam Heggy revealed this information at a recent UN-sponsored water conference in Alexandria, Egypt.

This water tracking device is known as Marsis and it has a radar and a 40 metre antenna which is fitted to an orbiter that can bounce radio waves more than 3.5km underneath the surface of Mars. The scientist also said that this device would be able to find water supplies that were up to 1 kilometre underneath the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa which are set to cover even more land during the next hundred years.

Research already done indicates that Darfur in Sudan has a vast reservoir of under ground lakes and valleys. The scientist also reported that Middle Eastern countries spend vast amounts of money every year on oil exploration but very little on the search for water which is deemed to be one of the worlds most precious resources.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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