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Local Versions of Google’s Voip To Be Launched

UAE : 07 September 2010

Now residents of the US can place calls to the UAE for 19 cents per minute

Google is set to release further additions of its popular Voip services (Voice Over Internet Protocol) that were introduced in the United States over one week ago.  There has been no fixed schedule for the release of the extended services, according to the web giant.

A statement released by Google to Mideast media said that the Google Voip in the US is only an initial step.  Although those in Mena cannot use the web calling feature yet, Google has plans to roll out further local versions.  No announcements are currently scheduled.

Google introduced Voip services in America on August 25.  Only Gmail account holders from the US are able to place Voip calls, although they can make them to anywhere on the globe.

Gmail users in the US are now able to place phone calls from their Gmail account direct to the UAE for only 19 cents a minute.

Other rates include Qatar at $0.26, Bahrain at $0.17, Oman at $0.15, Saudi Arabia at $0.11 and Kuwait at a mere $0.09 per minute.

Voip calls are not currently allowed in the UAE.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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