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Life is Considered Good in the UAE

UAE : 20 March 2010

90% of people surveyed recently said they were very happy living in the United Arab Emirates and said they felt the quality of life here is at least average or better than normal. More than 50% of the 750 people surveyed said their quality of life was much better than just good.

It was also agreed that the UAE is a good environment to raise a family in with almost 60% of people surveyed saying they thought there were good leisure and after school activities for their children to get involved in.

Almost half of those surveyed think the education system is at least good or others saying they felt it was extremely good. More Asian parents than any other group were less pleased with the current system.

At work though people appear to be extremely stressed with more than 80% saying that there was  a lot of stress involved in their jobs. Others are very fearful that they may soon be unemployed.

Another area of concern is the housing situation with almost 50% of expatriates saying their accommodation was not as good as it had been in their home country. This was more true of Asian and Arab expatriates than westerners. More than two thirds of westerners feel their accommodation is better in the UAE.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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