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Kuwait to Scrap the Current Sponsorship System

Kuwait : 16 September 2010

Kuwait has a new set of regulations under consideration to replace the current sponsor system and allow certain business professional to self-sponsor, according to a report recently released.

Mohammed Al-Ifasi, the Minister of Social Affair and Labor for Kuwait, verified reports that the government is looking at scrapping the “kafeel system” now in place.

The Ministry is supporting replacement regulations that would pave the way for expats transferring work permits with no need to obtain consent from those currently sponsoring them, according to a local print media report.

Included in the report was the provision for certain businessmen working in Kuwait to sponsor themselves.  Set up of a public agency that will be in charge of establishing and implementing this new system is under way.

Al-Afasi noted that the purpose of the Ministry’s change is to combat the occurrence of residency license trading and overcome obstacles the labor system faces right now.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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