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Job Ban Does Not Apply to Workers Whose Wages Were Delayed

UAE : 25 April 2011

Ministry states that all conditions must be met for ban to be lifted.

Expats working in private industry will get an exemption from the ban that forbids a worker from obtaining a new position for either one year or six months, as long as their wages have remained unpaid for two consecutive months as stated by the labour ministry.

In the ministry’s “open-day” weekly meeting last week the terms for those labourers not among the listed categories for exemption were repeated. These terms included cases where workers have seen sacked by their employer.

When a business closes for a period of at least two months and the worker has filed a report with the ministry, they may also be exempted from the ban.

An official from the ministry, Labour Affairs assistant undersecretary Humaid Al Suwaidi, noted that workers who have not received their salary for 60 days or more would receive ministry approval for an exemption from the ban, allowing them to start another job.

All those applying for an exemption are referred to the division covering legal affairs. Most of those recently rejected applicants have been passed over due to the fact that their circumstances did not meet the requirements, according to statements made by Al Suwaidi to daily Arab media Al Khaleej.

The assistant undersecretary added that one dozen new applications for exemption were received during the weekly meeting and will be held under consideration.

Acceptance of the ban exemption application depends on whether both the worker and the employer have approved the application.

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