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New Desktop Connects You Face to Face With Your Client

Middle East : 23 March

A new desktop known produced by the company Tandberg is the first of its kind here. Not only does this PC perform all the normal functions expected from a standard desktop but it also has the distinct advantage of being a telephone service which will allow you to a visual as well as  a verbal conversation with your customer.

This new desktop has a 24 inch screen with high definition which is compatable with any standard video or telepresence system . It also has a built-in PrecisionHD camera with a 90 degree tilting feature so that you can show a document to the person at the other end of your computer screen.

The Tandberg Multisite also allows you to add two other participants to your call and all pariticpants will be able to hear and see the other members involved in the call. If required you can also add another monitor to share reports or other information with the other users.

It is envisaged that this new product will replace emails and traditional phone calls to a certain extent as with this new service you can have immediate answers to your question and can show the other person exactly what the problem is and get their opinion on the matter on the spot. In today’s high paced business world it will save time and money.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
22 March

Bahrain Based Company has a Good Year

An Electronics payments provider Arab Financial Services Company based in Bahrain saw its Net profits rise by a staggering 275% in 2009.  During these trying times it is amazing to note that its gross revenue also rose by 16% during the same period and the company netted well over $15.5 during this period.
Hassan Juma the [...]

20 March

Parents Under Pressure to Provide Smartphones

A random poll conducted in both public and private schools in Abu Dhabi has revealed that the phone of choice among teenagers is now the Smartphone. Almost 80% of 12 to 15 year olds claimed this was the one item of technology they could not live without.
One father of a teenage son said that his [...]

19 March

Dubai Most Expensive in the Telecoms Sector

Only days after it was confirmed that VoIP operators such as Skype will not be allowed to enter Dubai’s Telecom market anytime soon it has now been reported in a survey of Internet Phone call costs that Dubai is actually the most expensive city to conduct overseas business phone conversations from, these findings were concluded [...]

17 March

Internet Call Savings Granted to Existing Suppliers

It has been announced that the TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) has finally given the green light for Internet phone calls or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to be allowed, however it has only authorized this for suppliers who possess a current license to offer this service.
This means that operators such as Skype who offer very [...]

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