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Saudi IT Spending to Soar to SR37 Billion in 4 years ; 30,000 Jobs in IT for Saudis by 2015

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia : 10 May

The Governor of Saudi Arabia’s Communication and Information Technology Commission (“CITC”), Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Ja’fari, speaking recently to Okaz at a recent forum in Riyadh on the challenges and opportunities of  developing IT in Saudi Arabia, predicted a 50% increase in IT spending from SR22 Billion to SR37 Billion by 2014.

However, whilst the increase in IT spending is obviously good news for the IT sector, the shift skywards in spending also requires a shift in the same dierction in the number of qualified IT staff to support the growth.

Mr Al-Ja’fari and his deputy Governor for Information Technology Affairs, Dr. Sulaiman Mirdad both emphasised that there was a shortage of skilled IT workers in Saudi Arabia, with as much as 50% of the Kingdoms companies experiencing IT skills shortages today – a worrying trend that looks like it will only increase over the next 5 years. The skills shortage could be plugged by a concerted effort by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and the private sector, enabling 30,000 IT jobs to be filled by Saudis.

This would in some way help realise the the kingdoms Saudization strategy which, according to Dr. Mirdad, currently stands at just 21% in the IT sector.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
06 May

Microsoft and Nokia Launch Free Employee Communication Software

A new collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft has produced an innovative communications software system that can be attached to a company network and can be easily transported as a mobile unit.
The two firms began working together on this project last August and combined their design, development and marketing teams to come up with the new [...]

06 May

Etisalat Academy Opens Middle East Human Resource Summit

A two day summit which was organized by the Etisalat Academy which is seen to be one of Dubai’s top telecoms and business solutions providers got underway this morning and its core aim is to discuss how to improve HR strategies and combine more effective key management skills into your business environment. The summit is [...]

04 May

New Cable System to be Implemented by Qtel will Make Qatar one of the Best Connected Countries in the World

A new Gulf Bridge International cable system is being planned for Qatar. This new system will be implemented by Qtel and it is being predicted that this innovative new system will be fully operational by 2011 according to a recent statement by the company.
Qtel has just signed this agreement with Gulf Bridge International which is [...]

02 May

Etisalat to Provide Telecoms Services to the new City of Arabia

Etisalat has just signed an agreement to provide advanced telecommunications services to the new City of Arabia complex which is currently being completed and will be situated in the heart of Dubai city.
It has been agreed that Etisalat will provide the City of Arabia with an advanced fiber optic network which will provide the complex [...]

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