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Internet Services Have Been Fully Restored in the UAE

UAE : 30 April 2010

Many heaved a sigh of relief  when Etisalat announced that internet services have now been fully restored in the United Arab Emirates. The cable repairs that needed to be carried out on the submarine cable have now been completed successfully.

While these repairs were under way Etisalat used additional link capacity and redirected web traffic towards a different route to ensure customers were not inconvenienced during the interruption to their main supply route.

Etisalat say they are satisfied that this redirection of web traffic meant there was no break in internet services and they are also sure that this was a successful option to pursue. There was no major slowdown of internet network routes to Asia, the US and Europe Etisalat has stated that their network was originally designed to avoid any delays because of a fault such as the one that they have now just witnessed.

The company are also stated that they have put a great deal of time and money into ensuring the successful redirecting of traffic in the case of an emergency and they are now confident that in any such crises situation in the future they can ensure continued services at reasonably good speeds within the United Arab Emirates.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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