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Initiative to Recycle Dubai is Going Well

Dubai : 24 March 2010

An initiative known as the DIC Recycle – Reuse plan has been gathering momentum across all sectors of Dubai. Basically DIC businesses have are being asked to give their used IT equipment to the initiative, this equipment will then be reconditioned and used by charitable institutions which will include some education and some social gathering forums.

This scheme is being run by DIC in conjunction with Envirofone and basically they are leaving boxes at TECOM business parks such as Dubai Knowledge city and Dubai Media City. Passers by and customers are being asked to drop in their used electronic items such as mobile phones, batteries, charging equipment or any other unwanted accessories that they may have. At regular intervals the items will be collected, sorted through and exported to e-waste recycling companies.

A spokesperson from Internet City in Dubai says he fully supports this scheme and feels that it is important that we all play our part in encouraging such initiatives which helps those whoa are less fortunate and also means equipment gets recycled and reused which is also helping the environment. He also indicated that both outcomes from this initiative will play an important role to ensuring we all have a more sustainable future.

Other initiatives that DIC have already enacted include releasing a white paper on advising businesses on how to become more environmentally aware and how all of our actions affect the environment. This white paper also reiterated that fact that ‘going green,’ can actually reduce a businesses overall costs and does not have to mean additional expense when managed effectively.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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