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Inflight Mobile Phone Users Reach 5 Million on Emirates

UAE : 10 February 2011

The number of users for inflight mobile services offered by AeroMobile on Emirates flights is forecasted to reach the five million level some time next week.

This airline is a global leader for onboard services to mobile users. Emirates Airlines has recorded a 38 percent boost in cell phone use and service connection over the past 12 months, according to a recent statement.

On this AeroMobile system the passenger may use their personal handhelds and mobiles to both receive and make calls, as well as send and receive text messages, while onboard an Emirates flight. This is the same service offered while on the ground. The service is being offered on more than 220 flights with Emirates airline each day.

After introducing these inflight services back in March of 2008, Emirates has seen a marked increase in the number of passengers utilizing the AeroMobile service. The VP for corporate communications (including product and publishing, events and digital) at Emirates, Patrick Brannelly, stated that hitting the milestone of five million users is a significant achievement for the airline and a good indicator of the service’s popularity.

Communications using wireless mobility units are fast taking over the more traditional and wired in communication methods of the past and is seeing incredible growth worldwide.

Even when they are 30,000 feet up, people want to be connected. Brannelly added that AeroMobile offers the flexibility for passengers to switch on their cell phones while in flight and take or make a call or SMS if they want to. The use of mobiles on flights by Emirates is seen every day and passengers have actually come to expect the service from the airline.

Over the last 12 months Emirates has seen a 42 percent increase in the amount of passengers that sent and received SMS from their mobiles and an 11 percent increase in the number of phone calls. Passengers continued to make use of the existing messaging and phone services found inseat on Emirates aircraft.

The largest number of mobile phones switched on over the course of a single Emirates flight was 227. That indicates up to 65% of those onboard are switching on their mobile phones.

There are now 85 Emirates aircraft equipped with the systems offering AeroMobile, which fly to more than 85 destinations, according to the statement.

Each month there are two more systems installed in Emirates aircraft, on average.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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