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Hospitality Sector in the UAE Set to Offer 120,000 New Jobs

UAE : 24 November 2010

There are 244 hotel establishments set to open within the UAE, including 55,000 rooms.  This thriving economic sector will have 120,000 new employment opportunities in UAE to fill by next year, which will present a challenging situation for the management of these hotels as well as recruitment professionals within the area.  These openings will present profitable career opportunities for both UAE nationals and expats.

In this industry, each location will need staffing at a rate of fewer than one to more than three employees per hotel room.  With the 244 establishments ready to open, 120,000 job openings may be a conservative estimate of the needs, according to the Director of the Hotel Show, Frederique Maurell.

The Hotel Show 2011, being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on May 17 to 19, will address this industry issue by hosting an afternoon focusing on hospitality careers.  This event is being organized along with the EAHM (Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management) and will provide guidance to potential employees looking to begin their career in the industry.  It will also address those currently working within the industry with advanced training and specific direction.

Maurell noted that the EAHM will have exhibits showcased throughout the Hotel Show event, which will outline the managements courses offered to HR and training staff, as well as others working within the hospitality industry.

The “Careers Afternoon” will occur on the final day of the show and those graduating from the EAHM program are specifically invited with the goal of networking with both colleagues and industry suppliers.  Anyone looking towards a career in hospitality and those who are already working within the industry are welcome to the guidance and advice offered.

The Jumeirah Group heads the EAHM, a Middle East higher education institute that provides courses and educational material focusing on the hospitality industry.  The courses are accredited internationally and are widely recognized across the industry.  There are also prep and training programs available through TANMIA and the DTCM which encourage nationals to explore hospitality careers.  With this education available, the number of UAE nationals working within hospitality has grown and spread across a variety of roles including security, HR, front office, admin and food and beverage.

Shaun Harper, the Consulting and Training director for EAHM, noted that training is essential within this industry.  With a trained, skilled and highly motivated staff, the operations within hotels are more efficient and there is opportunity for those within the workforce to improve their skills.

There is substantial return on investment for those in the industry thanks to developments.  Since staff is truly an asset, training should be considered an investment with a relatively quick return.  This viewpoint has brought the EAHM and the Hotel Show together, noted Harper.  The pair is looking to showcase the extensive training programs and educational offerings that will add even more value to the industry and the shareholders.

Colleges that offer hospitality programs specifically have experienced an increase in both overseas and local applicants, translating into a rising interest from youth entering the workforce.  Those students should be attempting to secure intern positions and placements within hotels focused on high quality and service.  Starting at the top of the industry results in a much better career stated Harper.

There are four different sectors within the Hotel Show 2011.  Interiors and Design, the Resort Experience, Security and Technology and Operating Equipment and Supplies all include subsectors such as front office reservations, light catering operations and equipment and green energy.

Known figures in the industry will also be attending the Hotel Show 2011, a Seven Star Conference, and moving on to discuss trends within the health and beauty industry at the Middle East Spa Summit.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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