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High Unemployment Amongst Saudi Women ‘A Disaster’ Says Minister

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia : 28 May 2010

Local women in Saudi Arabia are suffering the worst from high unemployment rates because of expatriates in the Kingdom, Abdul Wahid Al Hameed, Deputy Minister for Labour said this week.

The Minister also blamed social restrictions as a further reason for Saudi women’s struggle to find work, but with 28.4 per cent of women nationals facing unemployment he spoke of ‘unfair competition’ between local and foreign workers. 

The jobless rates for women compares badly to the men’s, which sits a 6.9 per cent, something which Al Hameed described as a ‘disaster’ given the fact that Saudi Arabia employs millions of foreign workers.

The Kingdom has recently adopted a plan, in line with other Gulf countries, to improve employment rates amongst its own nationals by giving them priority in the job market.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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