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Gulf Region Ripe for Strong Growth Says IT VP

Dubai, UAE : 08 October 2010

Tandberg Data and Aptec sign partnership that commits Tandberg to the Gulf region.

Bharat Kumar, the vice president of Tandberg Data sees the Gulf as an excellent location for growth in the IT industry, in line with the markets in India and China.

Kumar spoke in Dubai to more than 50 IT and data businesses at an event to announce Tandberg’s partnership with distributor Aptec.   He noted that his firm has marked certain areas in the MENA region as having the highest growth potential, comparable to India and China.

Tandberg Data is multinational, yet Kumar stated that it was important to establish roots in the Gulf region.  Research reports that IT spending is growing at a rate of six to nine per cent globally.  Tandberg has seen growth closer to 30 per cent in Gulf regions over the last year and is well on its way to doubling the company by the close of 2012.  Kumar noted these are exceptional market conditions.

In the Gulf there is a concentration of small and medium-sized businesses (also known as SMEs) that have a growing need for high functioning and reasonably priced data protection, which is Tandberg’s specialization.  Kumar stated that the Gulf is a prime location for SMEs to establish themselves and coupled with the booming regional economy, the marketplace for this business sector is ripe for growth and ready to feed the economy.

Businesses have become more aware of the necessity to have solid back up and data protection in place.  With the steady move towards a paperless market, back up has changed and everything from accounting records to calendars can be saved and protected, even in the smallest companies.

Data storage has been under increasing pressures as more businesses require round the clock access and will not tolerate down time.  Because local financial companies and banks are becoming active in the global market and need to maintain their reputation, protection of data is vital.  More reliance on digital records results in people hanging onto digital data, pushing the limits of their data storage systems and requiring even more protection.

Tandberg has various plug-and-play solutions that are ideal for small businesses and are performing exceptionally well.  There is no need to implement complicated IT support and invest in large overhead and the systems can be expanded easily with company growth.  Tandberg has also found that Gulf businesses have an open mind regarding the latest technologies and are less likely to persist with dated methods or current, familiar systems than other regions.

Tandberg Data has a base in Singapore that has allowed the firm to service the Gulf region for more than ten years.  Their new headquarters in Dubai should see rapid growth and job creation as the company maximizes their recent partnership with Aptec.  Kumar said that the time is ripe for this expansion and that Tandberg is looking forward to a booming future in the region.

Aptec’s managing director Bahaa Salah commented on the distribution partnership.  Salah noted that three decades of service in the global market for data storage puts Tandberg in a leading position. Aptec saw much sense in a partnership that leveraged its sales, ordering, technical and marketing support with Tandberg’s strengths.  Aptec has a leading presence in the enterprise data storage market for medium-sized businesses and was looking to extend that into tape drives and alternative backup solutions.  Aptec felt that Tandberg, as a leading global player and an established firm in the Mideast, offered the way to get there.

The pair is in the midst of a targeted road show throughout Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar that will serve to train and educate the market on the products and technology Tandberg Data brings to the table.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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