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Gulf Co-operation Council Countries will see Employment grow for 2011

Middle East : 21 April 2010

Officials in Recruitment firms across the UAE are predicting good job growth within many sectors for 2011. While there will be opportunities across the board many of them will be at executive levels among local and multinational companies.

At present employment opportunities seem to be the most abundant in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia however this is expected to spread to other regions during the course of next year. Many multinationals are starting to grow again and confidence is definitely returning to the region as a whole.

While the worst is over many companies are predicting cautious growth patterns rather than rapid ones. Many companies will look for strategic new players to join their teams rather than people at every level. Businesses that have downsized in recent years will now have fine tuned their new strategies and will be recruiting to move forward at a new level.

The United Arab Emirates will remain the industry hub for businesses wanted to grow and prosper both domestically and globally in the immediate future. Many company’s will want new leadership styles and also within the private sector we are likely to witness an increase in Emiratisation. Dubai is also being looked towards as an increased employment sector with it diversifying into other industries beyond the financial services.

Also expatriates are most likely to secure employment within Saudi Arabia according to a recent survey. Qatar came in at second place and Oman although significantly lower came in at third. The UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait all saw a decrease in expatriate employment during the last three months of 2009

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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