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Groundbreaking Sustainability Report by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi

UAE : 20 July 2010

With a pioneering distinction, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) released their Sustainability Report for 2009, the first ever of its kind in the country.

The UAE bank posted the report on their website.  It includes findings regarding their current sustainability operations and declarations of future sustainability commitments for the leading bank.

The NBAD is committed to being transparent and the 2009 report on sustainability is a step in that direction.  It also puts the bank on a direct path to sustainability.  The NBAD report follows the Global Reporting Initiative Application (GRI) for Level B, covering certain GRI markers in the information.

Michael Tomalin, Group Chief Executive of NBAD, talked of his pride in the organization as it the first bank in the emirate to compile this report and is also taking a global lead.  The NBAD is an international institution and strives to “create a positive impact for the world” said Tomalin.  They are looking to become a bank others look up to and the top banking organization in the UAE.  Sustainability is an important part of that.

Tomalin and the organization believe that they have a responsibility to practice sustainability, both for the society and to make the NBAD more productive, efficient and in the end, profitable.  The bank has initiated a reduction in paper use, increased the energy conservation tactics and made investments in the health and lifestyle of people who work for them.  They feel that these strategies will pay off as a whole for the business.

NBAD was involved as a founder and member of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group (ADSG).  This group formed in 2008 and was a combination of 15 government bodies, private businesses and charitable organizations.  Their goal was to implement sustainable practices in their own businesses and back up the development of Abu Dhabi itself.  As evidenced with this report, NBAD is an important player in the country’s efforts to be sustainable over the long term.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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