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GCC Countries Perform Badly in Clean Water Ratings

Dubia, UAE : 25 June 2010

A new index, released by Maplecroft, a risk intelligence firm, has shown that Middle East and North African countries, including the GCC, are not coming up to scratch in their provision of fresh, clean water to businesses and society overall. 

Egypt, Syria and Iraq came off worst across the region, ranking in the top ten of 165 nations and being placed at ‘extreme risk’ because of poor water supplies.  GCC countries didn’t fare much better and were all ranked as ‘high risk’, with Saudi coming in 23rd place followed by Kuwait in 24th place.  The UAE sits at number 39 on the list with Qatar, sitting at number 41, faring best. 

 Maplecroft CEO, Alyson Warhurst, said the results showed the need to keep an eye on water consumption and that there was an ‘urgent imperative’ for the top ranking countries to see some ‘renewed policy action’ to develop water conservation strategies.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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