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Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform to Reduce ICT Costs

Middle East : 01 May 2010

Fujitsu are delighted to have just launched their new Cloud Strategy. This new system involves the fusing of four methods of consumption which are infrastructure, activity, content and application in a computer package. This system allows these elements to be fused in an easy non-intrusive way which makes the process trouble free for the user.

While Fujitsu does already supply these type of cloud systems on a regional basis for the infrastructure market this is the first they have amalgamated the system to incorporate it  for the global platform.

Therefore the new Global Cloud Strategy will take the local platforms and incorporate the needs of local customers who need to utilize a regional ICT infrastructure into a new global network. Therefore whether customers now use local or global services they will be able to significantly reduce their ICT costs and will also have the added benefit of more flexibility without comprising their security requirements or the availability of the required services.

Customers also have the additional benefit of availing of Fujitsu’s experience and knowledge in the telecommunications sector and their network criteria. The company has developed their Cloud strategies by analyzing changes in society and putting together systems that incorporate new requirements brought about because of these changes. Fujitsu call this their human-centric standpoint.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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