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Four Million Job Opportunities will be Created for Saudi Citizens in the Next 10 years

Saudi Arabia : 26 April 2010

The Organization for Technical and Vocational Training in Saudi Arabia have ambitious plans to create employment in the region for local citizens. They predict they can create 4 million of job opportunities in Saudi in the technical and vocational sectors within the next ten years.

The Organization for Technical and Vocational Training have more than two hundred training centers in Saudi Arabia at present and they soon hope to have over 300 training programmes and employment incentive schemes to choose from. A spokesman for the organization said that at present just under 20% of Saudi Arabians continue with their education and training opportunities beyond school level and that this leaves them with limited employment potential and many then go on to work in industries that are largely owned and run by non-nationals. At present approximately 85% of jobs in the regions factories are given to non-nationals. Of those from other countries working in the factories approximately 90% of them were not trained in any specific skills when they arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Therefore the primary objective of the new scheme is to increase the employment potential for skilled Saudi Arabian workers. Their objective is not to stop foreign employees living and working here but rather to encourage industry bosses to be more selective in choosing foreign employment when a Saudi Arabian could perform the task.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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