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Khalaf Al Habtoor celebrating 40 Years Success

United Arab Emirates : 13 April

Khalaf Al Habtoor says no matter what mistakes you make in the business world they should always be viewed as opportunities to learn and should never be considered a wasted experience. This philosophy certainly rang true for him as he is now celebrating forty years of successful entrepreneurship.

Today Khalaf Al Habtoor has a very diverse business portfolio which includes lucrative businesses in real estate, the hospitality industry, construction, insurance, education and the automotive industry. In total he is an employer of more than 40,000. He says he was never afraid to take risks and sometimes this paid off and other times it didn’t. Anyone that is considering a new business venture should be prepared to grab this opportunity but they should also have their idea well thought out beforehand and should always heed the advice of other experienced people.

His first job was at a photo lab working for a British geology and oil company and he earned Rs250 per month. He says his first boss taught him humility and innovativeness qualities he has never forgotten. Later on he went to work for an Emirati businessman who owned a large construction company. He says this was his first chance to really learn about business and earn decent money.

In 1967 he decided to embark on his first business venture and Habtoor Engineering was started later to become the Al Habtoor Group. He says looking back it was a risky move as he had no money behind him whatsoever. Al Habtoor did not earn any money from his first project but it did spurn him on to his next.  It was only when the new UAE federation was founded in 1971 that ensuing new building boom that followed allowed his company to grow and prosper and he has never looked back since then.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
10 April

Will Greece Cause More Tragedy in Financial Markets Next Week?

The story of debt ridden Greece has once again caused a lot of Euro uncertainty and speculation on the Middle Eastern markets during the last seven days. While a deal is rumored to be close to a conclusion the Greek tragedy at present is still an unresolved dilemma.
In London an analyst has predicted that [...]

09 April

Greek Emergency Debt Plan to be Revealed

It was revealed late yesterday that European deputy finance ministers and representatives from the Central Bank were going to be burning the midnight oil last night in an effort to piece together a solid rescue plan for debt ridden Greece. Emergency loan options were to be discussed and all of the alternative options were to [...]

09 April

TasWeek Investing Dh 1.5 Billion in the UAE Real Estate Development Projects

An Abu Dhabi firm has just estimated that it will make a minimum net profit of Dh300 million in the UAE over the next three years. Tasweek Real Estate Development and Marketing expects to make this profit from investing Dh 1.5 billion in property in Abu Dhabi and Dubai over the next three years.
A [...]

06 April

Global Downturn Sees Gulfinvest International Defaulting on Loan Repayments

A Kuwaiti based investment company has failed to meet its loan repayment commitments on time on a Dh200 million loan and this in turn is putting pressure on Shuaa Capital according to investment analysts.
Shuaa Capital is the most prominent investment bank in the UAE region and are confident that the default of this loan repayment [...]

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