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Fee for Replacing Labour Card Cut By 95 Percent

UAE : 10 January 2011

The cost to replace a damaged or lost labour card is now only Dh 200.

The labour ministry in the UAE has made the decision to reduce fees for reissued labour cards that have been lost or damaged, chopping off 95 percent. However, the cost for labour recruitment offices has remained the same according to local media.

The fee was set at Dh 2,500, but now when replacing a category 3 labour card that has been damaged or lost the cost will be reduced to only Dh 200, as reported by Emarat Alyoum. The Arabic print media obtained their information from a source at the ministry.

Other card category fees have also been lowered to Dh 200, down from Dh 500 to Dh 1,500, according to the media.

Labour recruitment firms can expect to pay the same rates as they have been paying in the past, as it has been reported that fees in those cases will remain at Dh 10,000 for new licenses and Dh 5,000 for license renewals.

The ministry source was quoted stating that the labour ministry made these changes in response to continued complaints from applicants about fees being too high when replacing a damaged or lost card.

A labour card is required for everyone working in the UAE. It should be obtained within 60 days from the date of arrival in the country.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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