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Facebook Introduces Email In War With Google, MS and Yahoo

Middle East : 17 November 2010

All users of the popular social networking site will be given an email address using

Facebook Inc. has added an email service to the offerings for all users of the mega popular social media website.  This move can be seen as a direct attack on Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, the big players in the email market.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, announced that every user will be given an email address using

In addition to email, users can also work with text messages and instant messaging within the service.

Facebook, based out of Palo Alto in California, is offering the email service to compete with Gmail, the Web-based mail service from Google that continues to grow quickly.  The move also puts pressure on the other firms competing for their corner of the web communication market, including Yahoo! and Microsoft.  Many web users rely on social networking sites to keep up to date and communicate with friends and family.

Zuckerberg commented that the Facebook email will not put an end to traditional emailing, but it may shift the way messaging is done, moving towards the personal, real time interaction his site is known for.

Gmail increased its user base by 21 per cent over the course of a year, reaching 193.3 million users across the globe, according to ComScore Inc., a data tracking firm in Reston, Virginia.  Google’s email service is still behind Windows Live Hotmail, the Microsoft offering with a user base of 361.7 million, and Yahoo! with a user base of 273.1 million.  The difference is that both Hotmail and Yahoo! experienced an annual decline in users for September.

The new product by Facebook will eliminate the need for Notifications being sent to outside email addresses when a photo or comment was posted on an account.  Facebook email will also display the messages that come into your account as text messages on your mobile device, instant messages or emails, depending on the preferences set up.  Those settings can be done on a friend by friend basis.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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