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Etisalat Academy Opens Middle East Human Resource Summit

Middle East : 06 May 2010

A two day summit which was organized by the Etisalat Academy which is seen to be one of Dubai’s top telecoms and business solutions providers got underway this morning and its core aim is to discuss how to improve HR strategies and combine more effective key management skills into your business environment. The summit is taking place at Atlantis in the Palm Jumeirah.

Among the core issues being discussed and analyzed are organizing your work practices more efficiently and effectively, how to motivate employees and improve their performance levels and enhance future growth taking the current economic and social growth factors into account.

The current global climate will also be high on the agenda of topics to be discussed and also how business managers can cope with the current changes taking place. Another topic will be how businesses can subsequently increase their efforts through new innovative training systems and through the effective implementation and development of Human Resource Departments.

The management of Human Resources has changed somewhat in the last few years due to many factors such as new employee legislation, the changing face of education, higher employee awareness and expectations and changes in overall work practices. Therefore the summit will discuss how Human Resource Managers can implement new strategies to successfully lead staff in this changing environment.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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