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Employment Opportunities Slowly Returning to Some Sectors

Middle East : 18 March 2010

A very small number of sectors in the economy are starting to improve and in areas such as Finance, Health and Business services there have been indications that they will begin to grow again more quickly than other harder hit areas such as Manufacturing, Construction and Retail.

A recent report indicates that while there may be a lessening of lay-offs in some sectors this is more likely to be due to a restructuring of Company operations rather than a recovery as such. Many businesses are asking staff to work longer hours, increase productivity and not are replacing staff that have already been shed.

However there is some promising news for job creation in the Mena region with the announcement that this whole area is predicted to become the world’s top aluminium producer by 2015.

It has been advised that Producers of aluminium and alumina derivatives should now start to secure gas supplies and begin recruiting and training suitable staff for this new predicted boom industry.

Currently aluminium is being produced at a rate of approximately 1.5 million tones per year, it is envisaged that this will increase to 5 million tones by 2015. It is also predicted that new plants will need to be built in both the UAE and Qatar,

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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