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Emiratisation – Key Element of Careers Show Exhibition

Middle East : 30 March 2010

The annual Careers show exhibition which is now in its 10th year got underway last Sunday at Dubai’s International Convention and Exhibition centre. This year the conference is hosting trade stands from over one hundred national and international companies who are looking for potential recruits from the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

In 2010 there appears to be a particular emphasis on Emiratisation and many of the companies present were making this their priority this year. As part of a new layout strategy the fair was divided into 10 different sectors which are banking, finance, government, private, oil and gas, trade and telecommunications.

In the banking sector a prominent exhibitor is the UAE Mashreq bank which has received numerous awards for their excellent banking practices especially in the area of quality management.  They are now re-iterating their core policy which includes a commitment towards recruiting, training and otherwise maintaining its level of UAE National employees. They also said they are very proud of the level of UAE Nationals that they have working within the bank and that this policy has led to great success within the Mashreq bank. At present they are reaching their target of 41% of Emiratisation across all sectors of their Banking and Financial operations.

Another prominent company seeking to recruit national citizens is Oman Air, this initiative was launched by the country’s King his Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who said he always wanted to encourage all efforts to boost Oman based National employment and he said he will personally follow up on the efforts towards this end being currently applied by the National Manpower Agency. Then Sheikh Al Nabhani who is the Chief Officer for Support Services within Oman Air said he would like to welcome the first group of just over 20 Traffic Assistants who are currently completing their training with Oman Air, they are also currently training pilots, engineering staff, ramp handlers and a number of cabin crew.  The current percentage of Omanisation within Oman Air is 62.5% and it is hoped that this figure will increase further after the Careers show.

Another exhibitor at the show is Emirates Aluminium and they say they are looking for potential employees at all levels. The Careers Show continues today until 6pm, with 10am to 1pm being for women only on Monday and Tuesday.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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