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Dubai – the Second Most Popular Choice for British Going Abroad for Work

Dubai : 22 October 2010

Frustrated with the opportunities available at home and drawn by vacancies and offers abroad, more British citizens are looking for work beyond the borders of their home, according to IntaPeople.

Research from this firm of specialized recruitment consultants indicated that the amount of online searches for work abroad climbed beyond 2 million in the third quarter.  That is a 15.54 per cent increase over Q2.  IntaPeople looked at and analyzed the top 40 Google search terms in the UK regarding overseas employment.

Australia came out on top as the most frequently searched location for Brits looking at overseas employment, with Dubai being a second choice and Canada close behind.

Recent data out of the ONS (Office for National Statistics) showed that unemployment dropped in the UK by 20,000 during the three months leading up to August.  That decrease still leaves 2.45 million Brits jobless.

Director for the recruitment firm Stephen Riley stated that it has been difficult for certain segments of the population to find work, notably the fresh grads who have limited experience.  Riley said that it makes sense for a rising number of Brits to consider their options overseas.

Other nations have put together valuable and attractive offers for British professionals as well, which has increased movement in that segment.

Skilled employees are considering the competitive offers by overseas nations that include benefits such as tax-free wages, moving and housing costs and stellar health care.  Attractive packages such as these get even better when the work is based in a warmer climate.

Riley noted that British companies need to be careful and counter this trend or the UK may experience a “brain drain” at the stage where the brightest minds are needed the most.  Many businesses have tightened operations during the recession, but all sectors of the economy need to concentrate on rewarding employees in appropriate ways as the economic situation opens up.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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