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Dubai Student Runs up $97,000 Worth of Traffic Fines

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : 15 February 2010

The Gulf News has reported that police have finally caught up with a Saudi Arabian student living in Dubai who has managed to run up 400 traffic offences in the last two years totalling some $97,000 worth of fines.

Once caught, the man was forced to dig deep in his pockets and pay an immediate bill of $69,754, but that didn’t stop authorities from then impounding his 4×4 car.  The student, thought to be at university in Dubai, must pay an additional $27,247 to the authorities, before he gets his vehicle back. Not that it will make any difference to his ability to commit further offences as the police have already revoked his driving licence.

Sarah O’Connell, Gulf Jobs Market News

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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