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Dubai Ranks in Top 5 Worldwide for Job Opportunities in the Shipping Industry

Dubai : 26 October 2010

Those looking for a career should consider Dubai ripe with possibility and opportunity.

The Emirate has landed among the top five locations around the world for job seekers within the commercial shipping industry.  Based on the data from a recent survey, Dubai pulls ahead of traditional hubs such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

An annual report published by Faststream, a global shipping sector recruiting firm out of the UK, ranked Dubai in fourth place on the list of job destinations around the world.  The Emirate tied with New York City in the Maritime Employment Review published for the commercial shipping market.

The survey stated that although there are some uncertainties for next year, the skilled job seekers have plenty of work.  It was reported that talented workers in the commercial shipping industry are in high demand and that expectations say the demand will continue to increase.

Almost half of the survey respondents, 45 per cent, chose Dubai as the most desirable location should the right employment opportunity arise.  Those figures put the emirate above many global shipping centers in the rankings, including Monaco at 41 per cent, Hong Kong at 35 per cent, Oslo at 30 per cent and Shanghai at 28 per cent.  Athens and Mumbai were also below Dubai with 21 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively.

Singapore topped the rankings garnering 60 per cent of votes from the 85 survey respondents.  Following for a close second was London at 52 per cent and then Geneva at 50 per cent.

New York City received the same number of votes as Dubai and is noted as a joint number four on the list.

Faststream’s survey covered 85 European and Asian respondents in the industry including freight traders, chartering managers and shipbrokers.

In conclusion the annual report noted that businesses within the industry are reviewing their tactics for recruitment and employee packages in an effort to secure the top talent.  As workers move between firms, industries and geographical locations, the industry will continue to thrive and move beyond the difficult period of slowdown.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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