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Dubai Most Expensive in the Telecoms Sector

Dubai : 19 March 2010

Only days after it was confirmed that VoIP operators such as Skype will not be allowed to enter Dubai’s Telecom market anytime soon it has now been reported in a survey of Internet Phone call costs that Dubai is actually the most expensive city to conduct overseas business phone conversations from, these findings were concluded after researching VoIP costs in over 100 cities across the globe.

In most parts of the world Internet calls are seen as a saving to using a traditional land line service but this is not so in Dubai. While the average price in London for a typical E1 IP Virtual Private Network connection is a little over $370 in Dubai this same service will cost you in excess of $14,500.

When comparisons were made with other countries who are also operating within a controlled supplier market costs were still very much lower than those typically found within the UAE. For example in Hong Kong a service that is costing more than $14,500 dollars in Dubai is costing them approximately $750 on average.

In defense of Dubai’s Telecom Service Providers the report explains that within the UAE existing suppliers are being forced to pay exceptionally high charges to allow Dubai customers to connect to their network, so in order to be able to provide this service they must then pass these extortionate costs onto their customers.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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