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Dubai Job Market Sees 50% Boost

Dubai : 15 October 2010

After typically slower summer months there is a sizable increase in new jobs.

Dubai’s job market is steadily improving according to recruitment experts, as evidenced by the 50 per cent boost in new positions being opened up since July and August, which are typically lean times for job seekers.

Commercial manager for BAC Middle East Cliff Single said that his firm has seen new job vacancies climb in the past three weeks, reaching an amount 50 per cent higher than the market saw in July and August.

It may not be an indicator of complete recovery, since the actual count of new job creation in Dubai is still fairly low, but it is a sign of positive movement and points to the fact that the economy in Dubai is mending and growing well.

Single noted that conclusive figures are not available yet.  Since the typical slow down in the summer months is still an influence this early in the last quarter, it may take another four weeks to more accurately analyze the data.  Single did state that the job market is “on the upswing” and that the pick up after July and August is plainly evident.

A partner and director for marketing and operations at Stanton Chase, Konstantina Sakellariou, commented on the difficulty in obtaining accurate statistics.  Sakellariou said that the condition and structure of Dubai needs to be taken into account when reading the job market numbers for the past six months.  Because Dubai is a hub and contains more free zones, multinationals stay in the area and other positions are drawn there.

As top executives in Dubai discover more opportunities and are able to act on them, the senior level job market becomes “relatively vivid.”  Sakellariou stated that positions for local residents are not being created in a massive way and that Dubai firms often seek out executives in regions beyond the hub.  The statistics should be read with these things in mind.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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