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Dubai Healthcare Industry Set to Reach Dh40bn by 2013

Middle East : 30 November 2012

Source: Emirates 24|7

In a strong signal of Dubai’s fast-growing position as one of the world’s leading medical capitals, the healthcare market in the emirate is projected to be worth $10.9 billion (Dh40 billion) by 2013 .

The two major factors driving this growth are the increased investments by government and international investors, as well as Dubai’s emerging role as a leading destination for medical tourism. The substantial growth in investments is expected to yield a sharp rise in new medical institutions, research and medical education facilities.

In addition to new institutions, Dubai is also receiving growing interest from international pharmaceutical companies who are striving to make breakthroughs in medical cures. This trend is further boosted by the ever-growing number of highly skilled professionals who are applying to work in Dubai. What is particularly notable is that Dubai’s leading hospitals such as Saudi German Hospital-Dubai have attracted professionals from some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions in Europe and elsewhere.

Commenting on Dubai’s booming health industry, Dr Reem Osman, CEO of Saudi German Hospital-Dubai, said: “The sharp increase in applications can be attributed to two main factors: firstly the massive increase in investments; which in turn has been attracted by Dubai’s impressively high quality of services. This chain reaction will create a continuous cycle, because the best professionals want to work at the best hospitals, which in turn attracts the best investments, and so on. At Saudi German Hospital-Dubai we have committed ourselves to investing substantial resources in Dubai, because we fully believe in the emirate’s potential to become the very best medical destination in the world.

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