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Dubai Gold Sales up by an Impressive 20%

Dubai : 07 April 2010

Yesterday a top industry analyst stated that the sale of gold and silver on the Dubai market rose by 20% during the first three months of this year. He also stared that the Dubai Shopping Festival this year was far more successful than last year and that this alone really boosted the sales of these precious metals. There will be further information available on this new boom industry at the Dubai City of Gold Conference which will take place on May 2, this year.

While some of the sales figures are still estimates at this stage one prominent trader in Gold has stated that his business alone had increased by approximately 30% since the start of this year.

Among the key subjects to be discussed at the upcoming Dubai City of Gold Conference  will be the slow down in some gold sales because of the Global recession and how important it is now to concentrate on the upturn in the gold bullion market which should re-iterate Dubai’s position as a prime trader in this industry. Others topics covered will include speakers on how to move forward and build your gold business in a new and different business environment.

There will be eleven international speakers at the conference including three from India who will speak about how the gem and jewelry market is expanding rapidly in India and what they are learning from this boom.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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