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Disruption Caused to Internet Services in the UAE to Continue Until Friday

UAE : 28 April 2010

Repair work on the internet connection cable which currently runs under the Mediterranean Sea is set to continue disrupting services until at least Friday a statement from UAE telecoms Company Etisalat has just confirmed. However others are predicting that delays are more likely to continue until at least Sunday.

This repair work was originally predicted to be completed on April 20 but has been beset with difficulties and delays since then, the weather has been very unfavorable to repair work and because of this the cable ship did not arrive at the scene of the fault until April 24 and again bad weather since then has seriously hampered the speed at which repairs can be completed.

However global telecom specialists Nonweiler Associates have just said that the estimated completion date of April 30 was far too optimistic and it is much more likely to take until May the 2nd to complete all the necessary repair work. They also said that the redirecting of current internet connectivity is putting too much pressure on these routes making the use of internet services at the moment extremely difficult.

Etisalat has reiterated that at present they are doing everything possible to rectify the situation and are utilizing all the technology at their disposal to minimize customer inconvenience.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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