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Disaster Education Being Considered for School Curriculum

Dubai : 25 March 2010

What are we to do if a disaster unexpectedly strikes our city or the area that we live in? A recent study found that an awful lot more lives could be saved if we were all aware of the procedures to follow if we are ever unfortunate enough to be in such a situation.

Is this a subject that should be added to every school curriculum? Many now believe that in the society we are all living in today it is skill we should be equipping our young people with. Some schools already teach basic emergency skills to their students and this may include what to do in an emergency situation, they may also perform mock drills and teach some basic first aid skills that would be beneficial in a wide variety of different situations.

It is the head of Dubai’s Health Authority or more specifically of the specially appointed Disaster Management Committee who is appealing for Disaster Awareness skills to be introduced to every school as a new area of study.

Also Dr. Moin Fikree who is a director of a major Emergency and Trauma Centre has also expressed his opinion that this type of education could be very beneficial and useful. He went on to say that all schools have had accidents in them at some stage be it an accident in a chemical lab, an outbreak of a virus, a school fire or maybe even a bomb scare, he says the best way to ensure minimum panic and maximum efficiency in such instances is to have good procedures in place for dealing with such an occurrence and this will avoid panic and any unnecessary additional trauma.

While some may feel that Disaster Education is a bit extreme and may actually incite a degree of panic many countries that have been on the receiving end of disasters have now implemented this type of education.

The study also concluded that over 80% of those questioned in Dubai would be in favor of Disaster Education and that 94% of children said they would share such information with their families.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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