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Development Now Needed in the Renewable Energy Sector

Middle East : 18 March 2010

A new study just released by a Company called Booz has stated that now is the time to set a proper strategy and cohesive plan in place for the Renewable Energy industry within the Mena region.

They believe there are substantial Investment returns to be made by those who take the initiative to move forward with new Energy concepts and ideas at this stage. Middle Eastern countries who move quickly now will be the leaders in this field and can stride ahead and set themselves up to be the innovators in this new exciting market.

The study notes that the private sector’s participation in the Green Industry is going to be vital to its development and future success. This will be necessary at a primary level to ensure costs can be minimized and that the appropriate experts in the field can be introduced from the beginning to ensure the overall maximum success rates of the project.

Now is the time for the country’s leaders and advisors to assess their energy requirements and decide their strategies for embracing this sector. There are many factors to consider such as: Will be beneficial to manufacture products for the Renewable Energy sector or will it be more cost effective to import the necessary materials from abroad?

It was also revealed that most Mena countries do not have any government strategy for this sector at present and that more research needs to be undertaken now to assess all the possibilities available. Now is also the time to begin introducing training and courses of study that will provide suitably qualified individuals to work within this industry.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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