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Couple Caught Frolicking in Car Acquitted of Indecency

Dubai, UAE : 04 May 2010

A Pakistani couple, who were getting a bit heated in their car, have succeeded in their appeal against a conviction of indecency in the Dubai courts.

The man, aged 28, and his wife, aged 24, had been having sex inside the car when interrupted by a member of Dubai’s police force, who had approached suspecting something was going on inside the vehicle.  However, due to tinted windows and a sun shield over the car, it was impossible to see the interior.  Instead the police officer knocked on the car door and it was then he discovered what the couple were up to.

A lower Dubai court held that the couple were guilty of indecency, but lawyer Majid Al Kabban, who defended them on appeal, argued that the car was in fact a private place and the authorities were breaching the couple’s right to privacy.  The higher court agreed.  Al Kabban said ‘we’re definitely happy’ but added that they were also a ‘little bit surprised’ by the outcome.

The case follows a number of ‘public decency’ cases that have hit the headlines from Dubai recently, including the case of a British couple who were arrested in 2009 for kissing in a restaurant.

Sarah O'Connell, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market
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