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Could Mossad be Responsible for an Unexpected Boost to the UAE Security Sector?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : 10 May 2010

Whilst nothing has been proven, the international finger of suspicion is firmly pointed at Israel and in particular its secret service, Mossad who many, including the UK and the Republic of Ireland, blame for the killing. The UK and Ireland were particularly sensitive in this instance, as it appears that passports belonging to its citizens were cloned in order to gain entry visas into the UAE.

The hit squad that killed Mr Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was caught on a number of occasions by hotel CCTV, footage of which was broadcast across the world by Dubai police. But theĀ  much publicised international furore caused by the alleged Mossad hit squad has given the security industry an expected boost.

Business has been brisk, with some installation companies reporting a 40% increase in business as hotels in the United Arab Emirates spend millions upgrading and bolstering their security systems – in some cases doubling the number of cameras, and installing high resolution cameras to monitor key areas such as car parks, lobbies and entrances.

According to The Hotel Show sales director, Ray Tinston, the UAE and other Gulf countries seem to be leading the way with investment in “active security systems” such as access control and intrusion detection systems, which not only the hotel industry, but the police and government bodies are installing to maintain the UAEs superlative security standards.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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