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Construction Industry Employment Jumps 15 per cent

UAE : 29 July 2010

Hiring in this sector has steadily increased across the region and Abu Dhabi sees benefits

New employment has been created in the construction industry, increasing the hiring by 15 per cent over the amount at the start of 2010.  Much of the construction work in the UAE is happening in Abu Dhabi.

This is an obvious change in this sector and geographical area since April, as confirmed by a recruitment company based in Dubai.

A senior official in the Real HR Recruitment and Consultancy, Phil Starr stated that the positions available in this industry have fallen nearly 50 per cent from 2008 levels.  He also said that since early April they have seen the number of jobs increase and the qualified people who were available after the 2008 fall are now being hired, providing his clients with talented people to carry out the current work.

He estimated that the amount of construction positions open has climbed 15 per cent since the beginning of 2010 and that there has been a noticeable increase since April 2010.  Industry positions in the UAE are concentrated in Abu Dhabi, an area that claims 70 per cent of them.

Salaries that fell dramatically in 2009 have not risen to the previous level, according to Starr.

In 2008 the monthly wages of project managers landed between Dh40,000 and Dh60,000.  By 2009 that figure was closer to Dh35,000.  Starr expects those lower wages to remain steady for another year.

Qatar is also an area seeing increased hiring in this sector.

Starr comments on the amount of action there, but notes that Saudi Arabia has not seen much of an increase so far.

Andrew Reid, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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