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Comesa 2011 to be held in Dubai

United Arab Emirates, Dubai : 13 April 2010

Comesa which is the open unified Market for East and South Africa is now in its fourth year and in 2011 it will be held in Dubai. It has just been announced that in 2011 Dubai  will be hosting this conference. This is very significant as it will be the first time that an Asian city has been the host to such an auspicious event.

Comesa 2011 will see many elite investors from Africa and many other parts of the world descending on Dubai for the occasion. The Comesa conference will be hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dubai has been chosen because of the recognition that it is now a major international hub of commerce and industry and it is strategically located as a venue for many nations.

The third Comesa forum is taking place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on April the 12th and 13th next and is being hosted by President Hosni Mubarak. Members from the Chamber in Dubai will inform the Comesa forum of Dubai’s business capabilities, potential and investment opportunities for the future both within the UAE and internationally.

Comesa currently has 19 members and the groups market is expected to incorporate over 500 million consumers by 2015.

Paul Holdsworth, Staff Writer, Gulf Jobs Market News
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